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Werner Lemberg’s ‘ttfautohint’ 0.7 as an OS X Service

Werner Lemberg is developing a novel auto-hinter for TrueType fonts. It is based on the FreeType rasterizer.

To make it easy for typeface designers to test the capabilities of ttfautohint I have created a self-contained Service for OS X. Please note that ttfautohint is pre-release software and should not be used for production purposes. Please note that ttfautohint is released under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE, Version 2.

Just un-zip and double-click the ttfautohint file. OS X will prompt you to either edit or install the Service; choose install. Done.

Use it by right-clicking on one or more TTFs, then choose ttfautohint from within the Services menu-item. The Service will now start auto-hinting the fonts and save them in the same folder under new names in the style of foo.AH.ttf.

There have been some reports of problems installing and running this Service in versions of OS X earlier than 10.7. If you run into trouble try manually placing the Service in ~/Library/Services/, and if that folder does not exist, create it first.

Download ttfautohint 0.7 as Service


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